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Diplomacy Links

This is a list of Diplomacy material on the net.  If you think you know of other sites which I should add, please email  me.

Eternal Sunshine - My resurrected Diplomacy zine, with games and other personal foolishness.

The Abyssinian Prince - The late Jim Burgess published this awesome PBM zine.  Here are tons of back issues (which I haven't added to the Archives yet).

The Diplomatic Pouch - Like Diplomacy World, but html web-based.  Lots of other Dip material on this site too.

Diplomatic Briefing - A weekly Diplomacy newsletter. Includes past issues and the form to add yourself to the mailing list. 

Postal Diplomacy Zine Archive - My archive of postal Diplomacy zines, starting with the first issue of the first zine ever - Graustark #1

UK Diplomacy Zine Archive - Stephen Agar's archive of UK postal Diplomacy zines - A play-by-email community.  Always a standard game and many variants to join. - A growing Diplomacy Wikipedia, with a terrific variant section too.

Diplomatic Corps - Lots of links and information.  Hasn't been updated in a few months at least though.

Windy City Weasels - Web site for the Chicago-area Diplomacy group, which is VERY active, probably one of the most active in the entire U.S.

Bay Area Diplomacy - Web site for the B.A.D. Ass San Francisco-Bay area Diplomacy club, also very active.

Diplomacy Games - A Diplomacy-focused podcast, including most or all of the previous episodes.

Stabberfou - Web site with free Dip games, proposed site for the Diplomacy National World Cup

Play Diplomacy - Web site with free Dip and Gunboat games

Backstabbr - Web site with free Dip and Gunboat games

NADF - The new website for the North American Diplomacy Federation