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Provincial Diplomacy

By Jef Bryant

Originally published in Diplomacy World #74





O. All the rules of classic Diplomacy apply except for the modifications below.


1. There are no supply centers.


2. What used to be the national supply centers are now build centers.


3. Each occupied province provides 0.5 points at the end of every Autumn (Fall) season.


4. A unit can be maintained or built by using 1 point per unit.


5. Additional home provinces are provided for Russia who owns the Caspian mud flats and Turkey who owns Cyprus at the start of the game to equilibrate the provinces for each power.


6. The game starts like the Winter 1900 variant, Le. players send in a choice of a fleet or army for coastal build centers along with their Spring 1901 orders.


7. This variant is (c) February 1993 by Jef Bryant.  Copies can be distributed freely for postal play and variant banks. Any modification of this variant is prohibited without permission of the designer.


8. With the extra terrestrial provinces: Ireland (Ire), Iceland (Ice), Sardinia (Sar), Corsica (Cor), Sicily (Sic), Cyprus (Cyp), Crete (Cre) and the Caspian mud flats (Cas) there are now 64 terrestrial provinces on the board. The winner of the game is the player who owns 33 provinces after an Autumn (Fall) adjudication. .


9. An occupied province is defined as the power who last occupied it during an Autumn (Fall) season. Each power owns his home provinces at the start of the game.


10. Any points or half-points not used cannot be kept and are lost after each Winter build season. However, In order to encourage communication between the players, points (including half-points) may be traded or simply given to other players.